Monday, 11 July 2011


From reading some of my previous posts, some people may think I have a problem with female writers and artists. I do not. I just think that every creator should be judged on their merit as an individual artist. So, with that in mind, Womanthology is a fantastic endeavor which brings together established creators with new talent and presents them together in a lovingly created book. They just all happen to be women. I would most definitely like to see a showcase of great talent like this and it does give a voice to women who want to be involved in the comics industry but just can't find a way in. Comics don't have to be such a sausage party.

You may have already heard of Womanthology in various blogs around the internet. They reached their $25,000 total on Kickstarter in 24 hours - which is hella impressive and says a great deal about the mentality of comic fans and their desire to see something fresh and innovative. At my last check, the project was just over $50,000 which means they can afford a bigger print run. I'm blogging about this now to remind people that just because they doubled their target, doesn't mean you shouldn't contribute. The initial rush of blog posts and publicity may have subsided so I'm here to remind you. If more money is raised, it will go towards a second book that will include more creators, and not just women. And it is here that the heart of this venture is most clear. There is no wish to exclude people on the basis of their gender (which would be pretty hypocritical) but simply to offer artists and writers a great opportunity based solely on their talent.

And as if the concept enough wasn't worth a little bit of your hard earned cash, their are plenty of rewards up for grabs, from copies of the book, to exclusive sketches, and even the opportunity to have your portfolio looked at by a comics publisher. If you contribute and get a copy of the book, remember to buy another when it is published, as all the profits go to charity. The release date is currently slated for December 11th, so it could be a great Christmas gift.

Anyway, enough rambling, just go give some monies!

And when you're finished donating, check out the Womanthology site

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